Mohammad Alizadeh

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Department of Electrical Engineering
Stanford University

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About me: I completed my Ph.D. in electrical engineering at Stanford University, where I worked with Balaji Prabhakar. Before that, I did my undergrad at Sharif University of Technology in Iran. I am currently a Principal Engineer at Cisco, which I joined through the acquisition of datacenter networking startup Insieme Networks. Starting next year, I will be an assistant professor in the EECS Department at MIT.

I am broadly interested in networked systems and network algorithms. In my graduate work, I developed high performance packet transport mechanisms for datacenters, including the Data Center TCP (DCTCP) congestion control algorithm, which has been integrated into the Windows Server 2012 operating system. At Insieme, I developed algorithms for enhancing the performance and scalability of next generation datacenter fabrics that are now part of Cisco's new flagship Application Centric Infrastructure products (see CONGA, a recent paper about some of this work).

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Research Interests

  • Networked systems, particularly datacenter networking

  • Cloud computing

  • Network algorithms

Program Commitee


  • SIGCOMM 2015

  • ANCS 2014


Selected Papers

Datacenter Congestion Control

  • M. Alizadeh, A. Greenberg, D. A. Maltz, J. Padhye, P. Patel, B. Prabhakar, S. Sengupta and M. Sridharan, “Data Center TCP (DCTCP)”, in Proc. of ACM SIGCOMM 2010

Ultra Low Latency Datacenter Transport

Network Performance Isolation